Monday, July 16, 2012

Dispelling a myth about moxa

It’s lovely to get feedback from patients about successful treatments we have done.  So here is something I can share with you.

A long-standing patient of mine told me that she had been suffering for some time from persistent menopausal hot flushes.   Her element is Earth, and this is the treatment I gave her:

CV (RM) 12
III (Bl 38) (or 43 – if you prefer, which I don’t!)
XI (St) 41, XII (Sp) 2

All the points were tonified and moxibustion on each point was added to the treatment.  

My patient was amazed by the effect of the treatment.  The hot flushes stopped that night, and she hasn’t experienced any since. 

I hope this goes some way to dispel the widespread myth that moxa should never be used on patients suffering from hot flushes.  The opposite is true.  Whilst hot flushes make people feel very hot on the outside, they can remain very cold on the inside.  Indeed I suspect that the inner cold may be the reason why the Three Heater is working overtime trying to provide heat, but in the wrong place.  Moxa helps correct this imbalance by sending warmth deep within the body (and soul!) to the meridian network.  

This is called treating fire with fire.

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