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Keepers of the Soul               
The Five Guardian Elements of Acupuncture

The five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – are fundamental to Chinese medicine and metaphysics, but it can be difficult to get beyond the purely intellectual level of understanding. This rich book gets to the heart of five element theory, and offers passionate reflections on the spirit of each element, and the practice of five element acupuncture. Read more and how to buy 

Patterns of Practice
Mastering the Art of Five Element Acupuncture             
This book explores the way in which the practice of acupuncture enlarges the experience and understanding of the practitioner.  Through case study and reflection, Nora Franglen discusses some of the larger questions and insights that emerge from a dedicated approach to this form of healing work. Read more and how to buy 

The Simple Guide to Five Element Acupuncture

This is a straightforward, accessible guide introducing this ancient Chinese system of medicine. It briefly covers its history and explores the philosophy behind it, explaining how it can benefit the reader personally by addressing specific health needs and general well-being.  The book includes case studies of patients and provides insights into how an acupuncturist diagnoses and treats patients, looking at the importance of each of the five elements in turn, and how they relate to each other. Read more and how to buy

The Handbook of Five Element Practice             

This comprehensive handbook will be of immeasurable use to students and practitioners of five element acupuncture, as well as those who are interested in studying acupuncture and want to know more. It offers many examples exploring the skills and techniques needed to nurture patient-practitioner relationships, assess patients correctly, select appropriate treatments and needle the points effectively.  This is a fully revised edition, now including a Teach Yourself Manual and  more information on point selection. Read more and how to buy. 

On Being A Five Element Acupuncturist

Nora's fifth book is now available from Singing Dragon Press.  Read more and how to buy. 

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