Thursday, July 5, 2012

The dark days are over!

Over the past years I have experienced many dark days when I despaired for the future of five element acupuncture.  Now, I can say with heartfelt relief, no longer.  It is not only that the whole of China appears to have opened up to welcome it back to its heart after many decades of absence, but in this country, too, maybe perhaps partly as a result of this or because the spirit of the age demands it, five element acupuncture appears to have regained its soul.  I see evidence of this all around me, and am deeply encouraged by it to continue my work in promoting it.

One small, but significant, evidence for this found its way round the world to me by a circuitous route, which illustrates how the world is now indeed one.  Mei Long, my young Chinese student and friend, translates part of my blog into Mandarin for her own mini-blog (called a weibo), which then speeds on its way round China and to any Mandarin-speaker elsewhere in the world, where it apparently attaches itself in some form to Liu Lihong’s blog which is read by a vast readership in China.  A reader of this blog is a young Chinese girl living in London who came to one of my seminars, decided to experience five element acupuncture for herself and now wants to study it. 

Things do indeed come full circle if we wait long enough.



  1. What a delightful story of the journey of truth.

  2. Wonderful to see patterns like this take shape. Days seem dark often because we can't see the light at the end of the curving, spherical tunnels of this world!