Monday, February 21, 2011

Changes to my Five Element Acupuncture Treatments blog

I am repeating here a blog I have just posted on my Five Element Acupuncture Treatment blog.

"By now readers of  my blog will have got a good idea of the kind of simple treatments I do. And if they have not, then I suggest they go slowly through the treatments again. I think, therefore, that I will spend more time explaining the importance of specific areas of practice, as I have done with the last entry, Patient 24 Wood. You will see that I have gone in detail through the importance of doing an Akabane test and correcting any imbalances found. The Akabane correction is an effective and quick way of helping correct any discrepancies in energy between the left and the right sides of the body. Any marked imbalance is often the reason why one-sided symptoms occur. For details of how to carry out an Akabane test, see my Handbook of Five Element Practice, page 62 (available through our website

In my patient, for example, I found an excessive build-up of energy in four meridians which run down the hand to the fingers, and this was particularly marked in the two, the Small Intestine and the Heart, which pass over and through the pisiform bone, which is where she is experiencing pain. Having corrected this imbalance during this first treatment, I will be interested to see whether the patient notices any improvement in the pain she is experiencing in her right wrist. This pain can be viewed as being the result of an excessive accumulation of energy on the right side of her body with a resultant depletion on the left.

I will also be interested to see whether clearing the SI/Bl block will have relieved a similar kind of build-up, this time around both eyes. I view symptoms of the kind the patient was experiencing, which were excessively runny, red-rimmed eyes with buzzing in the ears, as a sign of a blockage to the flow of energy as it tries to pass from the end point of the Small Intestine at SI 19 at the ears to the first point of the Bladder at Bl 1, at the corner of the eye.

A glance at all the 24 treatments I have listed so far will show how important I regard clearing entry/exit blocks as being, and how often they appear. Clearing them is like releasing a tourniquet, or opening a sluice gate to a dam. The pain at the points can often be quite sharp for a time, as the renewed flow of energy pushes past where it was dammed up, but the relief felt can be enormous and immediate. Many physical symptoms simply disappear when we do this.

It is also important not to forget that a block also represents blocked energy at the emotional level, too, which is potentially much more debilitating than a purely physical block."


  1. Sorry I'm not too familiar with blogs.
    Where can I find the 24 treatments you describe?

  2. Click on to my accompanying blog Five Element Treatments, and you will see the 24 treatments listed.