Friday, August 3, 2018

The significance of a CV/GV (Ren Mai/Du Mai) block

A CV/GV block is the deepest block of all Entry-Exit blocks, indicating that there has been some disturbance to the central line of energy passing up and down the back and front of the body.  The two pathways of Conception and Governor Vessels link together to create a great circle of energy within which we are enclosed, body and soul.  These central meridians provide the source of all the energies of the other 12 meridians which branch off from them.  They together form two great streams in the ocean of life which feed 12 subsidiary tributaries, each of which then has its own function in maintaining the cohesion and health of the whole.  Any impediment to the smooth flow around this central circle of energy must then necessarily have a great effect upon the ability of all the 12 officials to function as they should.  

I remember JR Worsley telling us that when there is a CV/GV block, a patient “lingers miserably”, whilst with a Husband/Wife imbalance they feel as though they can’t go on and just want to give up.  I think the idea of “lingering miserably” expresses well the debilitating loss of energy this block causes in a person.  From the point of view of our pulse readings, we know that all the pulses should be indicating great weakness, revealing an overall lack of energy in all the elements.  When I think the block is there, I therefore always ask my patients whether they feel exhausted most of the time, reflecting this general depletion in their energy, and inevitably they always do.  This is another guide to help me  with my diagnosis.

Since all the elements are under stress, the symptoms shown can vary greatly, depending upon which element or elements are most affected.  The elements will show that they are suffering in different ways, and a patient will often talk about all kinds of niggling symptoms which indicate an attack upon one or more elements.  In particular, the block can often appear after a Caesarian birth, where a large incision will have been made right across the CV line.  I have found it is worth needling the points to clear this block in any patient who has had this surgery, as well as in women trying to conceive, where one of the impediments to conception is often a weakness in the flow of energy along the CV meridian.  The same can also be true for men as well as woman.  The health and nature of the sperm can be affected by blocked energy along the CV meridian or between CV and GV.

Persistent problems which treatment of the elements seems unable to shift may also be caused by a CV/GV block.  For example, this may be one of the reasons why a person cannot lose weight despite being very careful with their diet, since the sluggishness of the overall level of energy throughout the meridian system slows down their elements’ ability to process food and eliminate waste material, leading to its being hoarded as fat in the body.  It is always worth considering this block, even if your fingers cannot detect an overall picture of empty pulses, whenever a symptom persists unchanged despite all the elemental treatment you give your patient. 

The importance of ensuring an interrupted flow of energy through CV and GV was brought home to me when JR Worsley told us that if the points used to clear this block were on the hand, we would do them on all our patients.  Because of their position and practitioners’ reluctance to use them routinely, the block is sadly much under-diagnosed, to the detriment of patients’ health.


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