Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Another heart-warming email, this time all the way from Israel

It is unusual for me to receive two such accolades for five element acupuncture as I have done so close together over the past few days.  I blogged about one on 31 March, and here’s the second one from Anton Aridan, an Israeli five element acupuncturist.  As with Jo’s, what Anton has written makes all the hard work Guy and I do so life-enhancing and worthwhile.

“I have just read a touching email, that you published in your blog, from a student of yours expressing gratitude. This moved me to express mine, for I have been wanting to do this for quite a long time now and just been kind of shy.

I am now re-reading your book 'Keepers of the Soul', the one that inspired me at first time to come to London and learn from you. Now, after some little bit of experience, what I discover is just the truth of whatever I have read or heard from you. I see how patients so willing to move to discuss their emotions instead of pains. I see how they appreciate that I listen for them carefully, instead of rushing to do a treatment. I started seeing the slightest changes in patients after a successful treatment.

Some days ago a new patient came with very bad knees. She told me such a horrible story of her life that I decided to add the CV14 point just after AE drain on the first treatment, because I thought her spirit really needed some support. And, of course, I finished with her source points. After the treatment I told her that I was not sure if I could help her knees. She said that she was sure I could not help her knees, but she felt so much better in herself that she would come for treatments just for that. Again the truth that you teach, being honest with the patients only helps. And feeling better in themselves is sometimes all that patients really seek for.

I feel like I have found my place in five element acupuncture. I want to thank you and Guy very much for passing with such passion whatever you know to anyone, who wants to learn.”