Sunday, February 11, 2018

Help needed!

To my surprise, because I have in the past always used my blog entries as a form of one-way traffic, I have learnt a lot by asking for feedback from my blog readers to my blog of 22 January “Metal removes itself”.  In this I asked for comments from people as to how they would react to being in tricky situations.  The comments that I received taught me a lot about how different elements approach life.

I am always aware that I may be becoming a little too fixed in my ideas about the elements, and offering insights which are too stereotyped.  This is a danger for anybody who has immersed themselves in one area as I have done with studies of the elements over so many years.  I sometimes wonder whether I am growing a little blind to different aspects of the elements.  So to counter this, I would like some further help with another piece which I am writing to form part of what I hope will be my next book.  This book will draw together my many tips for diagnosing the elements which I have devised for myself, and which are scattered here and there throughout my writings.   

The piece I am writing at the moment I am calling “The impact an element makes upon us”, and describes the way in which I feel the different elements engage with me.  I have written about four elements, but I have come to a slight full-stop with Fire, because that is my own element, and I feel my observations may well be too specific to me and not general enough to help others.  This is how I have started the piece:

“Fire, maybe because it is my element, tends to make me relax since I am on familiar terrain and therefore no longer feel under any pressure to react.  It is as though I do not have to put on a mask of any kind, and can be who I really am.  As a practitioner this runs the risk of making things a little too cosy, with a tendency to overlook inevitable areas of tension, in case these disturb the comfortable atmosphere I and my patient are hoping to create for ourselves.     

Because I feel at ease with Fire, I am not as aware as people of other elements might be of the pressure it puts upon me, because it makes me feel warm and comfortable.  I realise that this may well not be the case for everybody.  Because this is a very personal reaction I will have to watch carefully how Fire’s interactions with other people unfold.

I will be very interested to hear descriptions of how readers of this blog, whatever their element, experience their interactions with Fire.