Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Translating my blogs into Mandarin

As I have blogged before, I am planning to publish my blogs of the past three years (or a significant selection of them) in book form in the New Year, if Singing Dragon Press is happy to add a fifth book of mine to the four they have just re-published (see my blog of 18 Nov 2013).  I regard these blogs, specifically those about my acupuncture practice, as an essential component of my teaching work, and therefore of particular relevance to my Chinese students.  Mei has already translated parts of my blog to add to the mini-blog she sends regularly to China, but this has so far been on a very ad-hoc basis, depending on the time she has available.

I now think it is time to make sure that anything I write which I think will be particularly useful for my Chinese students to learn from should be translated into Mandarin on a regular basis, rather in the somewhat haphazard way that now happens.

As things happen, or as they seem constantly to happen to me in relation to my Chinese adventures, an opportunity has now presented itself to do just this.  A very enthusiastic Chinese acupuncturist from Chengdu, Caroline, with an excellent understanding of English, has volunteered to translate my blogs as a I write them.  So I hope today’s blog, which is now speeding through the ether to China, will become the first in this new regular publication of my thoughts for a Chinese audience.

Thank you, Caroline, for offering to help all those who can only read my blogs in Mandarin. 

And a Happy New Year to all my readers!

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