Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Publication of the revised edition of my Handbook of Five Element Practice

As I have mentioned before (in my blog of 18 November 2013), the last of my four books to be published in their new editions by Singing Dragon Press, the revised edition of my Handbook of Five Element Practice, has now reached the bookshops.

I am very happy indeed with the new format, which includes a much fuller discussion of acupuncture points to be considered at different stages of treatment, together with my list of about 60 favourite points.  In addition, it has what I regard as a very important appendix, a Teach Yourself Manual for acupuncturists of other disciplines who want to learn the practice of five element acupuncture.  I have included 16 carefully graded lessons in this Manual.

I originally wrote the Manual for my Chinese students and the many hundreds more acupuncturists in China who have no possibility whatsoever of receiving five element tuition.  There then seemed no good reason why all those other people who read my blog around the globe and wish to learn about five element acupuncture should not also have the Teach Yourself Manual available to them in an English version, hence this revised version.  The updated Mandarin version of my Handbook including the Teach Yourself Manual is also very close to publication in China as I write this, the 10,000 copies of the original version having now sold out.

The revised edition of my Handbook of Five Element Practice is now available through the Singing Dragon website www.singingdragon.com, which can be accessed through the tab My Books at the top of this blog.




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