Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good Metal quotes

I have just found these good Metal quotes, to be added to my quotes for Earth and Wood (my blogs of 31 August 2014 and 18 September 2014)

 “He grew in the shadow of this absent father, admired from afar.”
                                                                        Laurence Scott:  Witchbroom

 Nothing of grief was said
Only there was a space in the night sky
Where a special star no longer shone, a space
Was there and made him cry
And it did not help at all if anyone said,
Who had never watched her face,
“You will get over it, others have their dead”,
He did not listen, perhaps he did not hear,
The last thing he wanted was to get over it.
She was not there.  One star was now unlit.”

Two Together

It will always go with love, this delicate sadness,
Almost delectable sometimes as in Autumn
When the copper and gold and yellow leaves surrender
To the afterglow of Summer.  I can recall
Feeling sad in September, thinking of school
And wanting the long holiday extended...

                                                                        Elizabeth Jennings:  Tributes

“So that, to this day, I feel almost as if I am a product of an immaculate conception.  Like Jesus who didn’t know who his biological father was either.  I have often thought it was this lack of knowledge of his earthly father that led him to his “heavenly” one, for there is in all of us a yearning to know our own source, and no source is likely to seem too far fetched to a lonely fatherless child”

                                                                        Alice Walker: The Temple to My Familiar


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