Monday, March 19, 2012

Something to make you laugh

Sometimes I just come across something which makes me laugh.  As I like sharing my laughter as an antidote to all the serious stuff I write about and to counter so much misery in the world outside, here is what set me smiling.

This morning, I saw the following book in the window of my favourite bookshop, Daunts of Marylebone High Street:  Moby Duck:  The True Story of 28,000 Bath Toys Lost at Sea  by Donovan Hohn.  Anybody with the inspiration to give a book this title deserves a read, if only for its title’s sake.

(All the non-English speakers reading this blog need to look up the reference to Herman Melville’s 19th century American classic Moby Dick about a whale here.)

I hope Daunts leave the book in their window for some time so that I can glimpse it and smile each time I pass by.

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