Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don’t let blocks block your mind

In a recent blog (8 January) I wrote: 

“Don’t spend too long trying to diagnose the major blocks (possession, husband/wife).  They are much more difficult to diagnose than you may think.  It doesn’t matter if you miss them to start with.  They become more and more obvious the longer they remain untreated.  An expert practitioner may see them straightaway;  a less experienced practitioner will inevitably take longer to recognise them.  There is a risk that a newly qualified practitioner will over-diagnose blocks because of the excitement of doing them!”

Clearing entry/exit blocks and other blocks of all kinds forms an essential and highly effective part of five element practice.  Detecting them is much more difficult than people think it is.  There are two main reasons. Firstly, too many people think that it is only through the pulses that most blocks can be detected, and, secondly, and far more riskily, people assume that their pulse readings are accurate.  The art of pulse diagnosis is so refined that even now, after nearly 30 years of taking pulses, I never rely only on my pulse readings to tell me if a block is there.  It is always worth reminding ourselves that the 12 pulses our fingers are trying to interpret are an expression of the unique complexity, body and soul, of another human being.  To interpret what they are telling us is therefore such a delicate, refined art, developed, with much humility, over many years of practice, that we should always add to what we think we are feeling other possible indicators of blocks to support our diagnosis.

Such indicators will consist of some physical or emotional evidence of blocked energy.  For example, I may observe that a patient rubs their eyes or ears, or has some white mucus at the corner of their eyes, and, even before taking their pulses, I may already be thinking, “Aha!  II-III (SI-Bl) block!”.  Or they may complain of a bloated stomach or of sinusitis, and I think, “Aha!  X-XI (Co-St) block!”.  I may notice that the patient seems unexpectedly irritable today, and wonder whether the Wood element is blocked (VII-VIII (GB-Li) block or VIII – IX (Li-Lu) block).  I may be surprised at a patient’s colour, and see that it is whiter or redder than usual, and so on.  All these are warning signs of some disturbance in the officials which I will add to my pulse diagnosis.

Finally, we were always taught that a Husband-Wife imbalance was life-threatening, because it shows stress on the Heart.  If we do not diagnose this correctly to start with, do not worry, all you practitioners out there.  No patient of mine has actually died because I failed to detect a H/W immediately.  Obviously we need to clear it as soon as possible to relieve the pressure upon the Heart, but again I have never known a H/W block to be there without the patient showing quite obvious signs of deep distress to guide me to it.

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