Monday, August 2, 2010

Report on Mei's Five Element Seminar in China

I received an email yesterday which warmed my heart. It is from Mei Long, about whom I wrote in my blog of 1st June, Five Element Acupuncture comes Full Circle. She has just returned to the Netherlands after giving a seminar on Five Element acupuncture to Chinese acupuncturists. This is her report, which I quote (almost) verbatim, with her permission to include it in this blog.

“Dear Nora,
I was back to Holland yesterday. A very nice flight.

My whole trip to China, my staying in Nanning, all the time I spent there with Liu, his family, his students, colleagues and friends, everyone, was simply wonderful!! Particularly with Liu. We have had quite some deep conversation (he invited me to stay with his family when I was in Nanning), which was really inspiring, touching and warm.

The seminar turned out to be a success. The very first moment when I got there, “the Institute of Classical Chinese Medicine” which was set up 5 years ago by Liu and his friend, Dr. Tang who is now the head of the Guangxi University of TCM, I was taken! There is definitely something special in the air, everything I saw and experienced, everyone there, every greeting I received, every cup of tea I got, in every small thing they did for me, I could feel it. Something which is very traditional has been carefully kept, valued and cherished in that small but wonderful ‘Institute’. I feel their respect, gratitude, warmth, above all, so hearty! Not surprisingly, there are quite some students of Liu are all Fire! No wonder I feel even more comfortable with their company.

I do believe people are inspired and taken by Five-Element acupuncture. Liu’s wife (who works mainly with herbs) and daughter (19 years old) listened to the whole seminar, as well as the wife of the head of the university. They all wanted to learn and practise this style of acupuncture in the coming future! They are serious about it. An acupuncture colleague who has good contact with Liu was also invited to this seminar (she read my letter to Liu early this year). She lives in Chengdu and works more with herbs than with needles, because she always feels that ‘something must be wrong with how people practise acupuncture here’. She was so grateful and inspired by the seminar that when she came back to Chengdu, she switched to Five-Element acupuncture immediately! ‘Finally I find the way’ she said to me. And it was like a whole new world opened up to her. She told me quite some stunning stories of her patients! For instance someone suddenly crying out for 8 min. after possession and AE treatment, and feeling wonderful afterwards. So she experienced right away how deeply this Five-Element acupuncture can touch people! I had great fun with her. Wonderful person. Her daughter, 13 years old, was there every day as well! Finding the seminar absolutely interesting! At the end of the seminar, I find we are talking to each other in the language of Five-Element.

Liu, Tang and myself are all quite happy with the seminar. The fact that Five-Element acupuncture is coming back to China is historic, said Liu. They promise that they will do everything they can to offer the opportunity to those who really want to learn it. I told your story with Five-Element acupuncture, how it changed your life and your passion for the Elements, your encouragement to me… China thanks you all, JR, you and Koos… Liu said to me, when the time is ripe, he wants to invite you and Koos to China! You got the warmest greetings from him, he asked me to give his book to you and Koos.

I gave your books to the Institute, and I said it would be great to have it translated into Chinese. Liu said we need your permission. I agree it would be wonderful to have Liu’s book translated into English, I’m a bit afraid my English is not good enough.

…After all I feel so privileged and grateful to be able to do all this. I’m just so lucky.


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