Thursday, November 15, 2018

Emerging from another productive five element seminar

It always takes me a few days to come down from the high I finish on at the end of each of our five element seminars.  Having just finished our latest two-day event, I still wake with a smile on my face, one that has been there from the moment Guy and I opened the doors to our first arrivals on Monday 12 November, and stayed there for the whole two days of the seminar, until it was temporarily replaced by a few tears as we hugged each other and bid each other good and satisfying times in our practice until we meet again in February.

It is such a delight for me to have such welcome confirmation of five element acupuncture’s firm hold on the hearts of many of what I call the “original” JR-trained practitioners, as well as now, happily, the many acupuncture students finding their way to us to reinforce their five element understanding.  It is probably no coincidence that this upturn in the interest in this branch of acupuncture is occurring at the same time as, or I suspect as a direct result of, the enormous interest Chinese acupuncturists are showing in learning from both my writings and the seminars Mei, Guy and I run twice-yearly in Beijing.  I laugh as I look at the photo of us with our 275 Chinese students (posted on Facebook for all to see), and compare it to the photo of the initially small group of under 20 practitioners with which we started our adventures in China 8 years ago.  I have often been asked whether I will frame this latest photo, but answer by saying that our next seminar in April 2019 will expand to more than 300 practitioners, so I’ll need an even larger frame and a bigger wall space on which to hang the photos each time I go.

Guy and I have already planned our next London clinical seminar which will be on Friday 8 February 2019.  Details and a booking form can now be downloaded from our website  Since we are holding this seminar at a smaller venue in Neal’s Yard, we are now already half-booked, so applications will have to be made promptly if you want to join us.

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