Saturday, August 25, 2018

More on what makes the Earth element angry

Here are two observations about what I wrote in my last blog by two of my Earth practitioner friends, one living in Beijing and the other in London.  Both comments have helped me to understand Earth a little better.

My Chinese friend wrote:  “Thank you for sending me your new blogs, I learned a lot about what makes Fire angry. And about what makes Earth angry, I agree with you when you say that “Earth can show its anger when it feels that somebody is not paying enough attention to what it wants to say, or interrupts it in mid-sentence.” But I think “angry” might be a little bit too strong here from my point of view, because I would only feel a bit unhappy about that, and if that’s something I really want to express, I will try to find another chance to tell the practitioner about it. But I will get angry if I tell the practitioner something that really makes me upset or sad or worried, and the practitioner shows no understanding but says something like ”that’s nothing, I don't know why you…”, I may even stop getting treatment from him or her. And in everyday life, I think Earth may get angry when it feels that somebody it really cares about is not paying enough attention to its devotion, or even worse, totally denying it.”

And when asked what would make her angry, my English friend told me: “It would take a lot to make me angry.”

After publishing this blog, this friend added the following to her comments: 
"Just to add to mine.... when I get angry about something I feel that I have to express myself over a period of time to different people until I have reached the point that I can let go of it. I guess this is my Earth processing.  And having space and time to mull it over. Also by talking about it over and over it is my way of being understood and heard."


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  1. Hello Nora, I'm so grateful to you for sharing these posts as a student I'm learning so much from these extra lessons! As an Earth CF my anger rises when I've given in abundance to a friendship and feel rejected. It is that sense of feeling stupid for giving too much so is also anger at myself. Being interrupted is frustration but nowadays that comes as I fear I'll forget if I don't share my thoughts as they come.