Friday, June 15, 2018

Publishing my "Five Element Compendium" in blog form

I find that I have written many more of my thoughts on my five element practice that have not yet seen the light of day than I thought I had.  The old Viennese astrologer, Dr Oskar Adler, whom I have mentioned before in my blogs, always said that each of us has a duty to pass on whatever we have learnt to the outside world.  “We never know who will read what we have written and who will learn from it,” he said.  So in the belief that the more that is written about five element acupuncture the better, I will be using this blog increasingly to pass on my thoughts to whoever wishes to read them.

These entries will form part of what I will call my “Five Element Compendium”. The dictionary tells me that a compendium is a “package of writing”, or “one-volume handbook or encyclopaedia”, which seems an appropriate way of describing what I will be posting. 


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