Monday, June 11, 2018

Each element needs to love and be loved, each in a different way

I recently received an interesting question from Pierre in France, an acupuncturist who is fascinated by learning as much as he can about the elements:

“I have a new question about Fire CFs.
We know that they want to share, and to give love. And they suffer if their love is not received. But do they need more than the other CFs to be loved or is it just a human need, regardless of the CF?"

After much thought, this was my answer:

“It is a human need for everybody to be loved, but each element expresses its need for love in different ways.  Fire more than the other elements enjoys the act of loving.  It warms its heart, so it will find it more difficult than other elements if there is nobody around for it to love.  It is not only that Fire wants to receive love.  I think its greater need is to offer love.  Other elements don’t have the same level of need to offer love.

Your question has made me think, and I may write another blog about this, because what you asked raises interesting questions about all the elements.”

What he asked set me thinking about the ways in which the different elements do their loving.  Whatever our element, we all have a Fire element, with the Heart deep within it, which wishes to love and be loved, but this need will be tempered by each element’s specific needs.  So what do the non-Fire elements want from their loving? 

I have come up with the following simple definitions of how I see the other elements’ relationship to love:

Wood takes love for granted
Earth needs love
Metal accepts love
Water craves love for reassurance
And Fire, as I told Pierre, wants to give love

 I am sure that other people will have very different ideas from mine, particularly people who are not Fire people themselves, but then everything we feel has to pass through the filter of our own element.  My thoughts are therefore unashamedly coloured by my Fire element, I expect.


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