Saturday, March 31, 2018

A heartening tale of simple five element treatment

I have just received the following most heart-warming email from a fellow five element practitioner, which, with her permission, I want to share with everybody interested in receiving confirmation of how effective simple five element treatments can be.

“I thought you might be interested to hear about the success of my low cost clinic at Quay Place in Ipswich.

You may remember that you kindly wrote a reference for me to start working at this venue. It’s a heritage and wellbeing centre managed by Suffolk Mind.   I’ve been working there for just over a year now, offering a low cost clinic on a Tuesday afternoon/evening.

The sessions are aimed at people with mental health issues who are currently waiting for a referral or for counselling/cognitive behaviour therapy, or who feel overwhelmed by the thought of talking therapy. 

I offer 30-minute sessions on a 1:1 basis, for £17. I’m absolutely amazed and humbled by the response and the number of people who come - my 5-hour clinic is consistently fully booked.

I’m using very simple five element treatments - IDs, EDs, AE and source points with minimal talking.  People who come are extremely stressed and traumatised and cannot cope with in-depth TDs - they just need to relax and let the needles do the work, with minimal intervention.

The treatment gives these patients a degree of consistency and a plan of action, and a feeling of autonomy in that they are being proactive in addressing their condition.

There’s nothing worse for these patients than hanging around and waiting for the mental health service to get its act together- it’s demoralising and disempowering. These treatments give the patients hope and a vision for change - and that’s vitally important in their journey to recovery. 

My home clinic is also extremely busy and I’ve had to change my way of working in order to accommodate more patients. 

I’ve recently had patients seeking treatment on the advice of their hospital consultants - how amazing is that?!  It seems that the Western medics are finally getting the message!

I am eternally grateful to you and Guy for your inspiration and support early on, which has enabled me to gain confidence in my practice, so that in turn I can help others to help themselves.”

Thank you, Jo Banthorpe, for sharing your rewarding experiences with me, and for allowing me to pass on what you have written to encourage other five element practitioners  How lucky we are to be engaged in such life-enhancing work.



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  1. It's very nice that Five Element Acupuncture is able to touch so many lives!