Monday, January 22, 2018

Metal removes itself

A Metal friend of mine, asked to explain how she deals with difficult situations, said simply, “I remove myself”.

I am always delighted when somebody offers such a neat and almost laughably concise illustration of an element’s particular qualities.  On reflection, I decided that I could not think of any other element apart from Metal that would say this.  I think it is the only element which I can see detaching itself so firmly and standing back.  Certainly, I who am as Fire as they come, could never say something like that.  In some way I realise that I always have to stay attached to whatever situation I am involved in.

This has made me think about how the other elements, Wood, Earth or Water, react when confronted with similar tricky situations.  I have my own thoughts on this, but would welcome feedback from people of these elements just to confirm my thinking.

Is there anybody out there who is Wood, Earth or Water, or indeed Metal or Fire, who would like to add something to this discussion?


  1. I would try to understand the situation from the perspective of the others involved - Maybe typical for an Earth element?

  2. Interesting, John. I'll check with some other Earth people whether they recognise this from their own experience.

  3. Hi Nora. I try to get an understanding of the whole picture as quickly as possible, so that I'm able to move on to working out a possible solution to getting past (or out of) the tricky situation at hand (I'm a Water cf!)

  4. If I had time to think, I would encounter fear or hesitation, wondering if I would be able to navigate my way through without sinking, but if I were plunged into a difficult situation, I would give it all I had - from the perspective of a Water person.

  5. Thank you for your interesting comments, which have made me understand Earth and Water better.

  6. I would take time process all the ins and outs of the situation and try to see it from each person’s perspective, in an effort to engage and connect with them. I would hate the thought of upsetting one person and would empathise with how they might be feeling. (Earth with codependent tendencies!)

  7. Another interesting insight from a Water person on being asked about how she thought she made decisions: "Deep down it’s clear what the right decision will be. You just have to wait for it to rise to the surface”, a very Water-like description indeed.

  8. Hi! I'm Pierre from France. I'm not sure of my CF but a practitioner has said that I'm Wood, but just on one visit, so I imagine that is not enough to conclude... Whatever, in general my reaction is to make plans and elaborate strategies the most quickly as I can in my mind to find the better way to escape myself... I think there is water in this too...
    Sorry for my English...

  9. Hi! I'm Pierre from France. I'm not sure of my CF but a practitioner has said that I'm Wood...but just with one visit, may be its not enough...
    Anyway when I am in a difficult situation, my tendency is to make plans and elaborate strategies the most quickly as I can in my mind to find the better way... to escape!
    The reason is to return the situation in one way or another to recover control. And I would even say to fall back on my feet, to not fell destabilized.
    And I would like to add something about removing and Metal. I think he remove itself for taking distance and keeping his mind calm and cold. In order to not disturb his internal state. Wood can remove itself too but with a different intention, that is taking a better point of vue of the situation before the choice of the way to follow...
    Every element can remove themselves in a difficult situation but why is the fundamental question I think.
    Sorry for my English, I hope I have been understood.
    Best regards
    Pierre, a French acupuncturist passionate by the Worsley's style.

  10. Interesting thoughts, Pierre. I think you are right that Metal stands back so as to keep its "mind calm and cold".
    I am glad you are so passionate about five element acupuncture.

  11. I have just received another very interesting comment from my friend Sujata, all the way from India:"About Water's decision making, I completely agree with the person who said there is something from within which guides us. I did not mention it earlier because I thought this might be just my way, based on my experience with yoga and my beliefs. it's interesting to know that it is a general Water tendency and perhaps this explains the unpredictability of Water's reactions sometimes- they do not always do what is expected or logically required because there is an inner impulse or feeling they are following."