Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another example of the effectiveness of simple five element treatment

I have just received an email from a five element practitioner which illustrates very neatly how effective simple treatment can be.  She writes:

I have been treating a number of youngsters recently and one particular 13-year old girl has responded extremely well to some very simple treatments. Her GP had diagnosed her with hyperhydrosis - she was very self-conscious and anxious about her excessive sweating, especially of her head, neck and face, and this was preventing her from participating in sport at school. The GP wanted to prescribe beta-blockers and had also suggested surgery to sever the nerves responsible (!).
I was undecided between Water and Wood CF for this young girl, but plumped for Water and treated her with AE and yin source points only. At the follow-up appointment, she reported to have had three bouts of shivering on the way home, despite not feeling cold, and slept soundly for the first time in months. That week her sweating had all but disappeared and she had enjoyed playing badminton, and was looking forward to a night out dancing at her first non-school disco. I needled yin source points again and left it at that. It came out in conversation that she had fallen badly in the past and injured her coccyx - perhaps the source of the imbalance?
How wonderful that such a simple treatment has proved to be so effective - and has hopefully prevented this young girl from becoming heavily medicated or subjected to some fairly drastic surgery.
I am feeling truly humbled and privileged to be asked to treat these people, and to have the opportunity to put your teachings into practice - the simpler, the better. Thank you for such wise words.”
Thank you, too, Jo, for telling me this, and also for having the courage to stick to simple treatment.

There was one thing I queried with her.  I asked her why she had used "yin source points only", and omitted the yang source points.  It turned out that she had slightly misheard what I had said about treating children less frequently and needling on the left side only, and somehow thought that meant doing the yin points only, not the yang.  But the results she obtained by just addressing the yin is a further demonstration of the power of simple treatment.


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  1. Dear Nora, marvelous results with simple 5-Element treating the imbalance! Thanks for sharing.