Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Treatment of a case of severe psoriasis

I am always happy to receive confirmation from my practice that the simplest of treatments is the most effective.  So many acupuncturists complicate their treatments by selecting all kinds of complex combinations of points, when, as I always say, the mantra “the simpler the better” always holds good in five element acupuncture.

So, with my patient’s permission, I am giving below the points I used for the first 7 treatments of a patient who came to me with severe psoriasis all over her body, and who is now, some 3 months later, almost completely symptom-free.  When I first saw her, the whole of her body was covered with large bright-red psoriatic patches of skin.  When I saw her this week, these patches were now normal skin-coloured outlines still faintly visible against the remainder of healthy skin, so that where, before, the eye was shocked by all these violent blood-red patches, now they have faded over the whole body.  Much of the upper body is completely restored to health, another confirmation, if confirmation is needed, that the Law of Cure which we all learned about at college is indeed true.  Impurities do leave the body from the top downwards, her back and upper body being now completely free of any signs of psoriasis, and only faint, normal skin-coloured outlines remaining from the waist down.  Her recovery has also been speeded up by the fact the she has been quite happy to discontinue the application of any cortisone cream which she was using on exposed part of the body before she came to me.

So here is the treatment I gave her.  I diagnosed her element from the start as being Wood, and I am still happy with this diagnosis.  I applied moxa cones to each point, and used tonification needling technique (except of course for AE!).  I have given the number of moxa cones for Bl 38 (43) in the list below, as these vary.  The number of moxa cones for other points are those given in JR Worsley’s well-known point location chart.

Treatment 1:  No AE, GB 40, Liv 3
Treatment 2: (a week later): Bl 38 (43) (7 moxa cones), Liv 4, GB 37
Treatment 3: (a further week later) Bl 38 (43), (11 moxa cones), GB 40, Liv 3
Treatment 4: (3 weeks later: I was away in China so could not see her weekly as I would have liked) Liv-Lu block (Liv 14, Lu 1), Liv 4 (this is an energy transfer from Metal)
Treatment 5: (2 weeks later) : Bl 38 (43), 7 moxas, GB 20 (no moxa because on the hair line), GB 40, Liv 3
Treatment 6: (3 weeks later):  GB 25, Liv 4
Treatment 7: (3 weeks later): GV 24, GB 40, Liv 3.

Because her skin is recovering so well, we have scheduled her next appointment to be in 6 weeks’ time, but I have told her to phone me for an earlier appointment if any red psoriatic patches re-appear.

Thank you, Elly, for letting me write about your treatment!




  1. I have just received this comment from a reader who treated a patient with psoriasis using the points I have listed in my blog, but a Fire not a Wood patient.
    "....just wanted to let you know that that treatment for psoriasis is working like a charm! The patient's face is already clear after 2 treatments and her upper body patches are just a light pink colour. It's going down just like Ms Franglen said. Please thank her for me as my patient was getting really depressed with the itching and scratching. She is like a new woman in just the two weeks."

    What a lovely result! It is always good to have confirmation of such successful treatment like this.

  2. So Nora, this treatment is not subject to a patient's CF? Why would it be so effective for people even when Wood is not the CF?
    Thank you for your entries, I read your blog regularly

  3. You will see from the comment above that a practitioner with a Fire patient has also treated a patient with psoriasis successfully. Treatment is always adapted to a patient's element, but points we can call spirit points which are not directly on the patient's element, such as Bl 38 (43), are used for any element, with treatment also concentrated upon the patient's element and always finishing on command points on that element. If you want further help with this, I suggest you look at the section in my Handbook of Five Element Practice which deals with Point Selection.

  4. Thanks for this great article…