Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rats respond emotionally to acupuncture

It's good to hear of scientific proof that acupuncture works, even if only in rats.  In an article in the Guardian (22 July 2015), researchers in the States found that the acupuncture point St 36 reduced “chronic stress-induced depressive and anxious behaviour in animals".

But then we know that acupuncture reduces “stress-induced depressive and anxious behaviour” for many other conditions, not only in animals but, much more importantly, in humans, too.  And also, that it is not only St 36, but many, many other points which do this.

I wonder whether the rats used in the experiment might all have had Earth as their guardian element!


  1. Dear Nora

    I heard few acupuncture specialist can heal plants. They do needles on trees to remove diseases.

    I think anything that has qi flowing in them can receive acupuncture, from those who can recognise qi

  2. Well, this kind of study, if reproducible, suggests that points have effects unrelated to Guardian Element. I'd suggest it supports the "Spirit of the Point" concept.