Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Little happy happenings

A few days ago, as I walked to pick up my daily newspaper, a series of happy happenings occurred which made my day start with a smile.  It was a sunny day, too, which always helps.

First I met an old man whose path has crossed with mine before, but with whom I have never exchanged a word.  For some reason, perhaps because of the sunny day, we both stopped, commented on the weather and then passed on, wishing each other a good day.  Then I walked past the window of a local café and was greeted by a waitress I don’t remember having seen before, who smiled at me and mouthed a “good morning”.  I then met a lady carrying a large bowl of strawberries, obviously meant for some festivities, which, on being asked, turned out to be food for a concert to be given by Royal Academy of Music students at the local parish church.  By chance I was heading to the Royal Academy, too, with a letter to the pianist I mentioned in my last blog (1 July), enclosing a copy of the blog, to thank her for giving me such pleasure at hearing her play.  And finally, as I walked back home, several people returned my smiles, as though we were all happy to be alive on such a pleasant Sunday morning.

These very brief happy encounters illuminated my day for a surprisingly long time.

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