Sunday, June 22, 2014

A testimony to how much the practice of five element acupuncture is helping one of my Chinese students

The following is taken from an email from Caroline in Chengdu, who translates my blog for her fellow practitioners:

“From the day on which I was helped by FEA, I’ve decided to learn FEA well and help more people. Because I have experienced the magic of FEA myself, which successfully helped me solve my family problem, I never had any problem of believing in FEA. I believe that the principle on which it is based is truth. And if I cannot cure people, the problem lies in me, not the principles of FEA. So I gave up learning to become a better herbalist, I just focused on FEA. It was not an easy change to make, but I struggled on. After one year of practising, I can now feel that I’m much more relaxed, hence I can pay more attention to my patient, and think less about the element. I learned how to have a better relationship with my patient, and learned a lot from them about how to become a better acupuncturist and a better person. And the more patients I see, the more information I can put in my library (of examples of elements), that’s how I find myself getting a deeper understanding of the elements compared to one year ago. There is still a long long way to go, but I’m not in a hurry, it's a lifetime of learning, and I know that my patients will help me, thanks to all of them!

And translating your blogs helped me a lot too! Other people may just glance over it or read it once, while I will think every sentence over and over just to get a deeper understanding and find a better way to translate it. So after translating your blog, I can almost recite it! The whole process is like chewing your teachings and digesting it and making it mine. People may think my translating helped them, but honestly I think I’m the one who gain most.

I’ll keep learning because it is such a happy and rewarding thing!”  



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