Monday, May 5, 2014

A patient's comments

Over the years I have become used to patients telling me things after treatment such as “now I feel more myself again”, or “I know now who I am”.  Yesterday I had another heart-warming example of five element acupuncture’s ability to reach to the very heart of our needs as human beings when a five element acupuncturist colleague of min, Audley Burnett, told me how moved he had been when a patient described the effect of treatment in these words:  “I feel as if I’ve come into myself.

I think that is such a lovely way of saying what we would all want to feel:  that we have “come into ourselves”.  And how moving that what five element acupuncture can do is help our patients achieve that.  In so doing it also helps its practitioners achieve much the same thing, but by a different route, that of the therapist.  When I feel a treatment I have given has helped my patient, I feel more fully myself.

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