Friday, December 20, 2013

Visit to Holland

A few days ago I spent some time visiting Mei Long in her home near Amsterdam, and looked at patients with her.  I always enjoy these visits enormously for several reasons.  Not only do I hope my visit helps her patients, but it gives us the opportunity to catch up with all the news from China.  Mei has set up a kind of very active web teaching programme, where she and the Chinese students can discuss any queries they have about treating their patients and she can answer their questions.  Whilst we were together, Mei took a photograph of us eating some of the lovely Chinese dumplings she had prepared for me.  This photo then winged its way over the ether to China, where it was seen by a group of students who sent their greetings to us within minutes.  What a wonder is modern technology, about which, despite my managing to work out how to write a blog, I still remain much in the dark.

Because Mei has set up this excellent system of inter-continental communication, I am now planning to send over some of my blogs regularly for translation by one of the students who speaks excellent English.  So far, Mei has occasionally translated a blog she thinks of special interest, but she hasn‘t the time to do more than that, so it will be good to set up a proper translation system over in China.  Even now, though, I am surprised how many Chinese readers read my blog in English, often the fifth highest number of all my blog readers.


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