Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five element acupuncture on the move in China

I am delighted that plans are well-advanced for Mei and Guy to go Nanning again in November, and however sad I am that I can’t accompany them this time I am so happy that these two former students of mine are continuing with my work over there.  One of my worries has been that my recent illness has made it impossible to give the regular support for our students in China that they need to strengthen their five element understanding, so that a visit from Mei and Guy takes some of this burden from me.

We still receive encouraging news about our students’ continuing progress over there, and, as evidence of this, I give below a lovely email which Mei has just received from one of our students now practising five element acupuncture in Beijing. 

She thanks Mei for her encouragement, and goes on to say:  “ I have some good news to tell you; at the beginning the people in charge of our clinic didn’t allow me to practise 5EA, so they only let me treat those patients who couldn’t be helped by other means (herbs or TCM acupuncture). After 2 months, they saw how amazingly 5EA worked. Then I was allowed to practise 5EA. On top of that, they start charging much more for 5EA than other acupuncture. And very often they hand me the difficult and complicated cases. This is, on the one hand, stressful to me, being so young and inexperienced; on the other hand, I think people start to recognize and accept 5EA since it has proved its beauty.”

I’m so glad that five element acupuncture is now recognized as helping “difficult and complicated cases”, and is even being charged at a higher rate, presumably because it is seen as offering a better quality of acupuncture!


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