Thursday, March 7, 2013

Update on the patient with lung cancer (see my blog of 27 February)

Here is what the practitioner has just emailed me:

"My patient continues to amaze me!  I saw him again today - day 3 after his second round of chemo - he looks, sounds and feels extremely well and positive, with very few side effects from all the drugs, save some quite extreme mood swings for the first couple of days immediately after the chemo. His lungs have remained free from fluid and his abdominal pain has subsided, so he is now able to sleep almost horizontally instead of in the upright position which he has had to adopt continually for the past 3 months or so.

Pulses showed a significant improvement in the HT/SI position, with a modicum in the BL/KI position. LU/LI was still dominant by far, and I could also detect a very small amount of energy in the other two right-hand positions. The Guardian Element (Wood) is still very much depleted however.

I repeated H/W today and finished on source points of Wood again, and left it at that. He always falls into a very deep sleep during treatment and for a short while afterwards, and wakes feeling very calm and relaxed

And I continue to feel humbled by the effects of such a simple treatment, made so much more powerful by the patient himself in choosing to fight to live.”

Well done, Jo!


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