Saturday, February 23, 2013

The results of two simple treatments

I am always happy to receive confirmation of how effective five element acupuncture can be, and particularly so if this comes from my own treatment.  Yesterday I had the simplest of treatments, the clearing of an entry-exit block (Spleen–Heart), finishing with the source points of the Small Intestine and Heart.  I slept better and woke this morning with a clear head, leaping out of bed without for once thinking I needed to stretch my poor old knees to get them working, as I usually have to.  I interpret the clarity of my thoughts and the increased mobility of my body to the release of the blocked energy in the Earth element, particularly the Spleen, the transporter of energy round the body.

The second happy result from treatment comes from the practice of a fellow acupuncturist.  A patient of his came for her first treatment for a distressing skin condition covering the whole of one arm with a large red rash, which not even prolonged steroid treatment had managed to control.  He diagnosed her as being Fire, and did the usual Aggressive Energy drain plus the source points of Outer Fire.  She rang to tell him that her skin had reacted quite strongly the next day, but by the morning of the second day the rash had disappeared completely, leaving both her and her acupuncturist amazed at the speed of change.

Long live simple five element treatment!  Who dares still say that you can’t treat physical symptoms with it?

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