Monday, February 4, 2013

Further thoughts about the Water element

I pass on some further insights into the Water element which have come to me this morning all the way from India from a Water friend of mine who is very perceptive about her own element.
”Water can be aggressive. It's more a wearing-down kind of persistent aggression rather than periodic pushes (as Wood might do) but it's always easier to analyze in retrospect.  Aggression generally brings out reactions in the observer, which throw him/her off balance and make it harder to figure out what is happening.  

I have put up on my fridge door a reminder of the three fearlessnesses (from Lao Tzu), which are:
     The fearlessness of taking pain
     The fearlessness to suffer loss
     The fearlessness towards ferocity”

Thank you for these thoughts, Sujata!

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