Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My delight in a simple treatment

I always like to write about the satisfaction of doing what I do, and here is another confirmation of how effective a simple treatment can be.  A few needles and a transformation.

I was called to the bedside of a very old friend of mine who I had treated many years ago.  She had recently lost her partner of 50 years, and then had immediately to have surgery on both eyes for a glaucoma-induced condition.  And now she had been diagnosed with severe atrial fibrillation.  The eye surgery had left her with very blurry sight, and she was too giddy to walk by herself.

On the train to see her, I mulled over what treatment I thought I would need to give. The lovely thing about being a five element practitioner is that we have the pillars of five element treatment to call upon whatever the conditions we are faced with.  I already knew her element was Wood.  There had been no evidence of possession when I talked to her at her husband’s funeral, so that left only the AE drain, the possibility of a Husband/Wife imbalance and Entry/Exit blocks to consider.  There proved to be very little AE, just a touch on Heart Protector and Heart, drained in just a few minutes.  But a Husband/Wife imbalance was calling out loudly to me, both in her look of quiet, passive desperation, and in her pulses, which, though low on both sides, felt appreciably stronger on the right side.

There was an immediate change in her once I had cleared the H/W; her colour became less drawn and she said that her palpitations had died won.  She lay back, closed her eyes and looked more at peace.  I searched for other blocks, and found a II/III (SI/Ht) block.  For good measure, I also did a VI/VII (HP/GB) block, even though it was not clear from the pulses.  But the history of trauma surrounding her eye surgery made me think that I should do this, particularly as I never rely solely on my pulse readings to diagnose blocks.

I then needed to do something to strengthen her spirit so that the H/W did not recur, which was possible in view of all that she had to deal with.  I had to decide between Ki 24 (a resuscitation point for the spirit after great trauma) or CV 14 (with its direct effect upon the Heart), and opted for CV 14 to help her Heart.  I finished the treatment with the source points of Wood.  I used no moxa for any of the points, because she has slightly raised BP.  As I left her to sleep, she said, “I feel a lot better, Nora.”

The next day she phoned me to say that she felt completely different, much more optimistic and less despairing.  Her eyesight was clearer, she no longer had palpitations, she had climbed the stairs without becoming breathless, and was steady enough on her feet to go for her first walk unaided.

Here again is the list of points I used:

  • AE drain
  • H/W
  • CV 14
  • II-III block
  • VI-VII block
  • VII 40, VIII 3
All in all I could not ask for more from one treatment.  How I love doing what I do!


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