Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preparing for my next visit to China

My flight to China on November 9th has now been booked.  Mei and I will be over there for 3 weeks and return on December 2nd.  We will spend the first two weeks at the Tong You San He Centre of Chinese Medicine in Nanning, where I will be concentrating on helping my dedicated group of five element practitioners.  We will also be expanding this group to include some of the many other practitioners clamouring to learn.    

We then fly to Chengdu for the final days, where I will be giving another seminar at a conference similar to the one I attended last November in Beijing.  The title of my talk this year will be “The Significance of Five Element Acupuncture for life in the 21st century”.

I now have to think carefully about what I see as the stresses of modern life which are common to all of us, and whether these are the same for people living in the East as they are for us in the West.  Some interesting thoughts here for me to explore.

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