Thursday, May 17, 2012

A puzzle

Yesterday I saw something that puzzled me and at the same time made me laugh.  If you have read my blog of 14 February you will know that I am increasingly irritated by the use of the dreaded “-ing” word in all those meaningless mission statements posted everywhere.  So I find myself looking around me as I walk along to see if there are any new examples on which to vent my anger.  Imagine, then, my surprise when I walked past a large removal van yesterday and saw, in large letters covering almost the whole side of the van, the words:  “If you can’t convince them, confuse them”.  No "-ing” word there, but I walked, on confused myself, wondering what on earth this meant.

The van was blocking a narrow road and I wondered whether the “can’t convince them” was directed at traffic wardens determined to put a parking ticket on the van.  Maybe the removal company was encouraging its drivers to confuse the traffic wardens if they weren’t convinced by arguments.  All very mysterious, and at intervals during the day I would return to the puzzle to try and work out its meaning.  And each time I did this I would start to smile, surprised at having encountered something slightly surreal on the side of a very ordinary removal van on a very ordinary street.

Has anybody reading this any suggestions as to what the writer of this message could mean?


  1. After doing a serch it appears that it's a quote from Harry S Truman (US president)

  2. Thanks for this, Guy. But what did Truman refer to when he said it, and what do you think it means for a removal company?