Sunday, April 17, 2011

The onset of summer always disturbs me

People are often surprised to hear how reluctantly I welcome the longer days of spring, which for me herald an even more disturbing season, that of summer. Until I learnt about the elements, and about mine in particular, Fire, I could never understand why this was so. Now I can. I see this as a sign of the pressure building up on my element as the energies of nature change in response to greater warmth, first from the uplift Wood ushers in with spring, and then the full blast of summer’s warmer days.

You would have thought, I always said to myself, that I would feel increasingly comfortable as my own Fire energy started to receive its boost of increasing yang energy from nature outside. Why, then, does the reverse appear to be true? I find part of the answer to this lies in the feelings of threat I experience as the world out there starts to throw off its clothes to greet the sun. Everything and everybody then opens itself up more, exposing itself to the gaze. And this is the crucial point, I realise. People are everywhere around me, not hidden away as in winter, and this abundance of people can represent a kind of hidden challenge to a Fire person, because of the abundance of potential relationships it offers, as though its Heart may be overwhelmed as it tries to respond to the demands made upon it.

This may seem fanciful, almost incomprehensible, to anybody who relishes the summer, but then I myself cannot understand why people dread the start of colder days in autumn, which I welcome with a kind of relief. Each season will always represents a challenge of some kind, whether welcome or threatening, to those of that season’s element, because of the accumulation of energy it brings with it.

Of course, I realise, too, that my response to summer will always reflect the state of balance in my Fire element. I live in hope, therefore that one day I will float from spring into summer, welcoming it with open arms, as others appear to do. “Maybe this year,” I say to myself.


  1. As a Fire CF, this resonates strongly with me - and you are right, I wonder that as a Fire that I don't embrace summer. There is something in this exposure to so much of other people and a reluctance to overexpose onself. Also perhaps something in the overstimulation of my Fire, which tends to overheat without added external factors such as the sun itself !

  2. Debbie Karl - New Zealand
    I completely understand this also as a Fire CF. We have just come into our Autumn and I welcome this season and the winter season with almost relief and am happy to have the Summer complete. I was only pondering this earlier this morning before reading this Nora and I was wondering if for a long time living in the northern hemisphere it had disturbed my seasonal influences. So theres my answer.