Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comment made by a patient about my Blog of Jan 7th about the challenges facing the Fire element

I was heartened by a comment made by one of my patients, a Fire patient, who came for treatment the day after I published this blog. She follows my blog with interest, something I find surprisingly comforting because it confirms for me that what I write must be based on a valid understanding of human nature, certainly valid enough for her to recognise herself in what I write. She told me that what I had written about the Fire element’s impulse to offer gifts wherever it can had sparked an echo in her, and made her understand her own motivations better. In receiving such direct confirmation of an aspect of the Fire element which I had noticed, I accepted this as a kind of reward for some of the hard work I have to do in trying to unearth again and again small kernels of truth about the elements and then find a way of writing about them. Thank you, Susan, for offering me this encouragement.

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