Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treatment of Patient 2

Patient 2: Female, age 24
Element: Fire (Inner Fire) (Small Intestine)

Number of years coming for treatment: 4
Number of prior treatments: 36
Original main complaint: Lack of direction in life, need to sort out a complex relationship.
Time of last treatment: 3 months ago
What has changed since last treatment: Much surer about where her work is going, looking forward to new challenges in her job rather than being apprehensive about them, happy to have completely cut off from previous boyfriend.

Treatment given:
1. SI 19/Bl 1 (entry/exit block found between SI and Bl – pulses of SI and Ht very strong, those of Bl and Ki very weak). This block is very common on Inner Fire, for obvious reasons. The sorting official can become overloaded, causing energy to dam up at SI 19, and weakening the vision we all need which is provided by the first point on the Bladder, Eyes Bright. Re-opening the passage-way between the two officials by needling these points has a remarkable effect on Inner Fire’s capacity to sort out the troubles of the world.
2. SI 4, Ht 5: Source point of SI, plus the lovely point, Ht 5, Penetrating Inside, which I see as taking good SI energy deep down inside to the Heart.

At the end of treatment: Colour changed after block was cleared, she said her head felt clearer.
Time of next treatment: She will phone me if she feels she needs another treatment before Christmas.
Proposal for next treatment: Windows of the sky on SI (SI 16, Heavenly Window or SI 17, Heavenly Appearance). I like to think of SI 17 as being a little bit stronger than SI 16, as I feel it must gather up some of the energy from SI 16 as the official moves up from the side of the neck to the jaw. I therefore start by doing SI 16, and then later on in treatment move to SI 17.

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