Monday, October 11, 2010

Famous people I think are Wood

These are some of the famous people I think are of the Wood element:
Margaret Thatcher
George Bush
Boris Becker
Wayne Rooney
Queen Elizabeth
Princess Anne
John Prescott
Peter Snow
Ann Widdecombe (now on Strictly Come Dancing)

As a reminder:
Colour of Wood is green
Sound of Wood’s voice is shouting
Smell of Wood is rancid
Emotion of Wood is anger (which I also call forcefulness)

Tips to look out for:
Tight tendons, visible on video-clips particularly around the lips and neck;
Tightly gripped lips, leading to mouth turning downwards. I suggest you try this out yourselves, and you will find that your whole face becomes rigid. It’s very tiring to hold this pose for more than a few seconds, unless, of course, it is natural to you because you are yourself Wood;
Forceful speech (telling others rather than just talking) with each word enunciated clearly. The voice does not have to be loud, as implied by the word shouting, but have a push behind it, even if the person is talking quietly;
A feeling of movement, or of suppressed movement, of energy either being released or waiting to be released.

There can, of course, also be what we call a lack of anger, as evidence of an absence or suppression of some of Wood's positive, outgoing qualities. In that case, the speech may best be described as a kind of whisper, which may have the effect of making the listener angry because they cannot hear it properly. It is worth remembering that each element projects out on to others the emotion it is itself most at ease with. Wood may therefore be happy to create a level of anger or irritation in others which it has been forced to suppress in itself.

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  1. Addition to my Wood list: Claire Rayner, the agony aunt, who sadly died today.