Saturday, October 16, 2010

Famous people I think are Fire

I think the following people are of the Fire element:

All these I think are Outer Fire:
The Dalai Lama
George Clooney
Tom Cruise
Julia Roberts
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Boris Johnson (the Mayor of London)
Mario Sepulveda (the Chilean miner who came out from the mine full of joy and laughter)

I think these two are Inner Fire:
Tony Blair 
Nick Clegg (? I'm not yet sure about him)

I have always found the distinction between Inner Fire (SI and Ht) and Outer Fire (TH and HP) difficult, probably because I am too close to Inner Fire since that is the aspect of Fire to which I belong. This distinction is not easy to make, but other people may find it easier than I do! One way I have found to help myself is to see Inner Fire as sorting as it thinks and talks, which gives its speech a kind of hesitancy to it as it searches for the right words. Outer Fire will give itself more time to think, and, when it speaks, will speak in a more articulate way.

Tips to look out for:
Very easy, relaxed eye contact, which tries to set up a warm relationship with us immediately, and hopes that we will respond with a smile;
A movement forwards towards the speaker as they speak;
Laughing or smiling where laughter or smiles do not appear to be appropriate reactions.
A smile which lingers on the face long after the need for the smile has ended. This is most clearly shown in laugh lines on the side of the eyes which remain there even when the laughter has stopped. It should be remembered that Fire enjoys the warmth a smile gives not only to those it is smiling at but also to itself. It enjoys the act of smiling. Other elements smile for different reasons, but not to give themselves joy.

It is also worth remembering that each element projects out on to others the emotion it is itself most at ease with. Fire may therefore find happiness in creating happy feelings in others which it cannot itself feel.

All elements can show joy, smile and laugh, but we have to learn to distinguish a Wood expression of joy, an Earth expression of joy, a Metal expression of joy and a Water expression of joy from Fire’s expression of joy. Learning to understand the distinctions between an element’s expression of its emotion and the expression of that emotion by the other elements is one of the secrets to an accurate five element diagnosis.


  1. With all due respect, tips you outline have nothing to do with CSOE diagnosis which is the heart of 5 element style.

  2. I find your comment a littel puzzling, Anonymous. All my tips are based on as many of what we call in five element acupuncture "the four legs of the stool", (CSOE), as are possible to gauge from afar. There are obvious limitations. Smell has to be ruled out, but colour can often be gauged (look at Boris Johnson's face!), and so can sound (Tom Cruise laughing on the sofa with Oprah Winfrey, and once again Boris Johnson, who makes people smile as soon as he opens his mouth to talk). Above all, emotion, which I discuss in great detail above in relation to Fire, as well as to other elements' expressions of joy above.