Saturday, October 23, 2010

Famous people I think are Earth

I think the following people are of the Earth element:

Bill Clinton
Oprah Winfrey
Dawn French
David Cameron
Nigella Lawson
Kate Winslet
Joanna Lumley
Marilyn Monroe

Tips to look out for:

In my view, the part of the face which reveals Earth most clearly is the mouth.

It is always important to remember where the superficial pathway, the meridian we use for treatment, runs. In the case of the Stomach, it runs down from the eyes to both sides of the mouth, where the important point, St 4, Earth Granary, lies. It then goes over the clavicle into the stomach itself. St 4 is a lovely point literally to help Earth draw upon the harvest stored in its granary and take enough energy to swallow both its thoughts and its food better. I have needled this point on an Earth patient who was repeatedly talking about the same things only for him to fall silent as soon as the point started to do its work.

The deep pathways of both Stomach and Spleen connect to the mouth, too, with the Stomach sending a deep shoot off to (or more accurately, coming from), GV (DuMai) and the Spleen having its own deep connection passing up from its end point at Sp 21 to feed the tongue. So we can see from this why the mouth will play a significant role in defining Earth, quite apart from the fact that it is through the mouth that we feed ourselves, and Earth is all to do with feeding, both itself and others.

Since every part of us shouts out our element to those who have the eyes, ears, nose and spirit to perceive, the mouth, too, will have significance for all elements, but, from my observations, all in different ways. With Earth, it appears to express a need. In its most obvious form, I have described this need as being like a baby bird opening its mouth demanding food. People, too, can seem to be demanding food of us, and this can be what we call the appeal which is apparent in Earth, representing its need for us to give it something. When it is exaggerated, the mouth expresses this as a kind of sulky pout, one we can all recognise in Marilyn Monroe.  We can also see clear signs of this in all the pictures of Princess Diana from her famous TV interview. It is worth trying to replicate this in yourself, as if you yourself are crying out for somebody to feed you.

So if you find that somehow your eyes appear to be drawn to the mouth, this may be (only may be, I repeat) one way of perceiving Earth. A Wood mouth, too, can tell us something. Its lips tend to remain firmly, if not tightly, closed until they open to talk. It is to the eyes, rather than the mouths, of Fire, Metal and Water that we are more drawn, the eyes of Fire because they are trying to draw us into a relationship with them, the eyes of Metal because they look far beyond us into the unknown, even though they are apparently seeing us, and the eyes of Water which will dart around suddenly if they are startled.

Please remember, though, that these are not fixed rules, but only some guides which have helped me with my diagnoses in the past. You probably have quite different observations on which you base your diagnosis of an element.

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