Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Does it matter if a five element practitioner is not sure of their own element?

We can only be absolutely sure of our element if treatment focused upon it leads to the kind of profound transformation this element will show when its needs are addressed. But practical difficulties have to be faced here. Many people do not have access to a five element acupuncturist for geographical reasons. What are they to do? You can’t ask somebody in many of the 40-odd countries that I gather are now reading this blog to make their way to a five element acupuncturist if there is no-one within reach of where they live who practises this kind of acupuncture.

Depending on how determined a person is to learn, they may decide to travel to gain these insights. Others will have to make do with trying to work out for themselves what their own element is, and what the elements of their patients are. It is worth remembering here that even the great master of five element acupuncture, JR Worsley, started with a blank sheet as to his own and others’ elements, and only gradually worked his way towards his deep understanding of the presence of the elements in all of us. I would therefore hope that those who have to carry out their five element studies on their own have the courage to explore the world of the elements by themselves, trying to glean as much information from wherever they can. This is one of the reasons which has spurred me on to write this blog. Even though I cannot come to each of these 40 countries to offer in person my insights into the elements, I can at least try to work out ways of helping with some distance learning, as I am doing now.

So to all those many out there who are showing, to me, a surprising amount of interest in reading my blog, I would say, “Go to it and explore the world of the elements in any way you can. And if you dare to, and are qualified to do this, lift up a needle and work out your own way of practising. Even something as simple as the Aggressive Energy drain can transform a person’s life!”

Also, even if you think you don’t really what your own element is, at least you have the right to make an inspired guess. And, if you are a qualified acupuncturist, you can still help others. As long as you follow safe needling procedures, you can’t hurt anybody. The worst you can do is to leave the patient exactly as they were before you treated them. And remember, also, that treatment directed at any of the elements, even the ones which are not the guardian element, helps all the elements, for, as the Three Musketeers said (or in this case we can say the Five), “one for all and all for one”.

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