Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another example of the healing powers of the moxa stick

I am a great believer in the powers of the moxa stick for all sorts of skin conditions which don’t respond well to other forms of treatment.  Here is another example of this. 

A 14-year old boy had a very nasty large patch of itchy, toughened skin around his knee, about 4-5 inches (10 cms) in diameter, a condition called lichen simplex chronicus, for which the specialist as usual prescribed steroid cream.  I immediately produced a moxa stick, and suggested that this should be used as many times a day as possible by waving it slowly and as closely as possible over the scaley, leathery skin until the whole area was thoroughly warmed up.

Within a day, the itching, which had been unbearable before, had improved, and the skin started to look pinker and healthier.  Today, three days later, I was told that the skin is beginning to look very much like back to normal.  It is lucky that the boy so enjoys using the stick that he sits hunched over his knee four times a day, hence the speed with which the area is starting to regain its normal appearance.

I have always said that every home should have a moxa stick in its own moxa holder (a small candlestick of the right size can be used for this), ready to be used whenever the skin is affected in any way.   Boils, cuts, psoriasis, and all conditions affecting the skin can be miraculously healed in a surprisingly short time.  I used it on somebody with a very large weeping blister on one of my walking tours, and was known ever after as “the lady with the magic stick”, when, even to my surprise, the blister healed sufficiently to make walking possible the next day.

It is also excellent for bed sores in bed-bound people, although hospitals are unlikely to allow it for fear of setting off the fire alarms.  One very ill patient of mine, though, insisted on asking for her very painful bed-sores to be treated with the stick.  Surprisingly the hospital agreed to this, perhaps because she was very close to the end of her life, and she told me triumphantly how much it had helped reduce the pain, to the nursing staff's surprise.  


  1. Nora - can one use the Moxa stick without any training ? A friend has very bad skin as you describe and it would be a good thing to try. Can she try it herself or does she need to go to an acupuncurist? Thank you Pauline

    1. Hullo again, Pauline!

      Using the moxa stick should certainly help improve your friend's skin.
      The lovely thing about using it is that anybody can do so quite safely, as long as they are careful not to burn themselves, because it gets very hot. They must also be careful to extinguish it after use, as it can go on smouldering for a long time. You can buy both the moxa sticks and a moxa stick extinguisher from any reputable acupuncture suppliers.
      If your friend's bad skin is on the face, then she should take care not to hold the stick too closely to the skin in case of burning, but there must be sufficient heat for it to work. As soon as the skin gets too hot, simply move the stick a little bit further away.
      She can treat herself as often she has the patience to do this, for something like 10 minutes at a time, but she should remember that the skin will become a bit red and flushed after treatment, so doing it before going to work is not really advisable.
      Best wishes