Monday, October 14, 2013

Translator's note to Mandarin version of revised Handbook of Five Element Practice

Mei Long has just sent to the Chinese publishers her translator's note to the revised edition of my Handbook of Five Element Practice which is just about to appear both in England under the label of Singing Dragon Press, and in China.  Here is what she has written:

“In the autumn of 2011, my translation of The Handbook of Five Element Practice was published for the first time in China.  This was the first time that people started gradually to learn about what at the time was still a quite unfamiliar school of acupuncture.

In the past two years, Nora Franglen, at the invitation of Professor Liu Lihong, has visited Nanning four times to teach five element acupuncture to students from all over China and the world. During all these visits, I was privileged to be able to assist and accompany her.  It was through such close contact with her that I was able to receive the personal transmission of her teachings which I will always cherish.
Nora has always said that the transmission of five element acupuncture is her calling.  There are, however, only a limited number of students who are able to receive her teachings in China.  And other considerations, such as her age and the distance between London and Nanning, certainly do not make things easier.   In order to help as many people as possible to learn five element acupuncture, Nora therefore decided to compile a Teach Yourself Five Element Acupuncture Manual, which is intended to be used in conjunction with the Handbook.  She has also revised the Handbook quite extensively, adding a whole new chapter relating to treatment and point selection.  The revised Handbook enables us not only to catch glimpses of the beauty of a long lineage and its personal transmission, but also to enjoy the inspiration which illuminates it.   The Teach Yourself Manual, added as an appendix to the Handbook, is quite simple to use, but forms part of a profound level of transmission. I believe that those who truly follow her teaching will gradually start appreciating the amazing beauty of five element acupuncture.”


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