Friday, April 27, 2012

Never rely on a damaged Kindle: a footnote to my blog of 28 March All About Books

I will never, ever, again only take a Kindle with me on holiday, with no back-up from what I call real books, as I stupidly did.  When I took the Kindle out on my first evening in China, I found that it had been damaged in transit inside my cabin bag.  And that was that!

Although my Chinese hosts took it to a Kindle store to try and get it repaired, it was beyond help.  This meant that I was left for 2 weeks without a book to read.   At some level this may have been good for my soul, because it forced me to do a lot of thinking and a lot of planning of lessons for my Chinese students.  Luckily, too, I had taken some of my Mandarin studies with me and that helped save my sanity when I woke, as I inevitably did, at 5 am in the hotel room.

But it was a warning to me never again to rely only upon electronic books.  

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