Friday, March 9, 2012

Preparing for my next trip to China

I am now preparing for my second visit to China at the end of this month where I will again be holding a two-week teaching seminar in Nanning.  It is exciting to be going back so soon to see how far my students have moved on in their five element studies, and to give further encouragement to their enthusiastic response to my first visit.

Through a dedicated website they have set up I have been sending them lessons at regular intervals which they are downloading with great diligence and in great numbers.  I am therefore hopeful that I will find that they feel more confident about putting their newly acquired five element skills into practice in their own clinics.

On a happy note, too, I have been given an update on the sales of the Mandarin version of my Handbook of Five Element Practice.  To my surprise and delight, the first print run was for 5000 copies of which 4,500 have already been sold.  The book is now being reprinted.  It’s lovely to think of 4,500 people scattered around China all immersed in their five element studies!

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