Friday, September 9, 2011

Heart-warming encouragement

I have just received the following from an acupuncturist in Germany who is trying to deepen his understanding of five element acupuncture by working his way through my books. We have decided that when I feel he is ready for me to do so, I will come and visit his practice to help him with his patients. I give it to you in his own words:

“So far I read your guidelines* and do it now a second time. After finishing these, I will start with your handbook from the beginning, in which I sometimes dip in and read a chapter.

Your words are very, very helpful for me, because I had a lot of different information about 5-Element-Acupuncture in the past, and have now a good and safe point to start again. I like your observations of people and situations in general very much, as well as your relationship to feelings (like asking the pulses how they, the organs, feel). I looked for this kind of treating / observing for many years.

For me one of the most important point of your work (so far I may be able to assess this) is that you try to see the whole world around you in the context of the 5 elements. It is not a kind of work for you, it is your life. That seems to be your claim (I hope this is the right word), and it is also mine.

As well I’m fascinated about your clarity with all the different steps of 5-element-procedures. Most of the people who teach stuff like this are not this clear, sometimes they are not close enough to the bottom (which includes me as well).

I like it when you write about your weakness as well, because only if we are clear at this point, we have the best possibility to develop. But I like also, that you don’t hide your knowledge, develop your books and blogs. Sometime we are not brave enough to do this (who am I, to tell other people that is right and that is maybe wrong…). But without this, I would not have the gifts of your work. It is very kind of you to spread this out in the world, as well as back to China. All people need a way like this.”

It is receiving encouragement for my writings like this which makes all my work worthwhile.  Thank you, Christian.

*Tips on How to Start Learning about the Elements, SOFEA website

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