Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interesting insights into the Water element

I have just received from a former patient – all the way from India –the following fascinating insights into how the Water element feels.

She has always been very interested in five element acupuncture, and sees a similarity in approach to Ayurvedic medicine, which she studied for a while. She has been following my blog with interest, and was stimulated enough by my last comments on Fire to send me her own impressions of the kind of pressure Water exerts.

“Water has its surges (like tides I think) but will often feel unsure of its approach even when it is at a high (or communicable) state, even reaching out is filled with uncertainty and hesitation and the fear that the other person may not understand one's intention. There is no intended push (as in Wood) or pull (as in Earth) but just a kind of narrowing of a gap, an attempt to fill up some empty space or distance as water might do in nature itself. But it is done with wariness and the first sign of it not being recognized for what it is is enough to make it draw back and move elsewhere. This is a rather strange tendency and now that I can see it, I try and be less judgemental about people and about my own reactions.”

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